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A lot of students ask us which are the right books to prepare for GATE exam. Here is what we suggest.

Books available off the shelf in book shops: You will find many a books or “guides” in bookshops by various authors / publications. These books claim that they are “complete preparation guide” to GATE with past exam papers. Normally, these books are around a 1000 pages. In our opinion, these books are NOT comprehensive for GATE and can be used merely as reference guides. GATE is not an exam whose theory and practice questions can be crunched in a single book.

Engineering College Books: These are the best books to study and learn the subject. Make sure that the author is the best in the field. For eg. For Engineering Mathematics, the most popular book is Erwin Kreyszig. For Strength of Material, you may like to read Timoshenko. While these books are excellent in explaining theory and also provide sufficient practice questions, these are not written for GATE. So you may not know what to focus on and also may end up spending much more time then what is required to prepare a subject.

Course Material for GATE: Career Avenues GATE faculty has very carefully selected and summarized all concepts that are required in GATE exam. Our study material covers all concepts and practice questions. All concepts tested in last 10 years of GATE have been well illustrated. So instead of reading an excellent engineering college book (which may be over 1000 pages for each subject), it is better to read focused GATE material with practice questions. For more information on our Course Material, please refer to the courses for your branch of Engineering under the head GATE Preparation.